Course Description

No more camera frustration!
Learn how to get beautiful photos EVERY TIME!

Tired of having Less than Perfect Photos despite having a fancy camera?

  • You've bought the awesome DSLR and love taking photos.....But your images still fall short of what you expect.
  • You've tried to learn about it - read blogs, read the manual and watched YouTube videos......But you're still a little lost.
  • You are still confused as to how to make that camera take awesome photos.

Have you ever wondered why the AUTO setting keeps letting you down?

DSLR cameras are smart - that's the reason why you paid a lot of money for yours! But they still can let you down. They're not smart enough to know when you are being creative, or to know how to replicate the feeling of the scene that you are seeing in your mind's eye. They are only smart enough to know how to take an "okish" looking photo -so honestly sometimes. you feel its easier to just use your phone!

But that's not what you want. You LOVE photography.
You love taking photos and being creative and you plan that one day you'll travel to far off places and shoot for National Geographic (well, perhaps that just me... )

You already know the value of beautiful photos - you just struggle with knowing how to get them.
Despite your camera having a ton of bells and whistles, you leave it set to the Auto Mode.
And continue to get frustrated.

What if I could help you figure out the hard, techie stuff,
so that you can get back to the fun, creative stuff?

This is the perfect course for you if you struggle using your camera to get those beautiful shots that you can see in your mind's eye.

You made the big investment in your camera, now make a little investment in YOU so you can use it to its potential and capture your memories like a pro.

“I would recommend Ingrid's class to anyone!”

“As a busy mom of five, Ingrid’s class was perfect for me! I was able to learn at my own pace and she left the lessons up for a while after the class concluded so I could go back and master the skills.

I learned the basics of exposure and how to use the camera, and have been able to take that base and build on it. She is easy to learn from and I would recommend her class to anyone!

Morgan Coombs
- Albany, MI

Take control of your camera and put an end to:

  • Frustration with flat, dull images
  • Aimlessly playing with settings
  • Trying to figure it all out from watching random YouTube videos!
  • Reading the manual!

You know the types of photos that you just have no clue how to get them!

It starts with enrolling in "Demystify your DSLR"

I had almost gave up, but then I found Ingrid!”

Envision having a sports car, keys and full tank of gas but have no real idea on how to drive it. This was my situation. I almost gave up but then I found Ingrid.It is obvious that not only does she love photography but also loves to see others get excited about photography. Her teaching style is very relaxed and disarming. You will feel very encouraged and excited to start practicing your new acquired skills.

Becky, Atlanta

"Exceeded my Expectations!"

The class exceeded my expectations so I honestly have no suggestions on improving the class. I thought it was the perfect class for beginners - giving great explanations on all of the buttons (how they work), what was on the back of the camera and how each setting affected your picture.I will definitely sign up for more classes with Ingrid! -Stevie Cryar

Ingrid Owens

I’ve been involved in the photo industry since my dad opened our shop back home in Monaghan, Ireland in 1989. Yes, you read that correctly - I've been helping people with their cameras since the young age of 16 - 24+ years.I am obsessed with cameras and photography and it makes me sad that so many people have these awesome pieces of equipment and they don’t know how to use them. That's why I'm here to help you!My aim is to make your camera less intimidating and to teach you the good stuff that will really make a difference to your pictures. You won’t hear any tech speak or jargon in my classes and if you do you have my full permission to slap my wrists!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Class

    • Start here!

  • 2

    Module 1: Meet your Camera

    • Module Overview

    • Camera Menus, Buttons and the Mode Dial - Finding your way around

    • Lenses explained

    • Image Quality & Resolution

    • Reviewing & Deleting your Images

    • Module 1: Bonus Lesson!

    • Module 1 : Assignment

    • Downloadable PDFs for Module 1

    • Bonus Module: How to Hold your Camera Correctly

    • Questions about Module 1? Ask me here!

  • 3

    Module 2: Let there be Light

    • Module 2 Overview

    • Focus

    • Exposure Explained

    • Flash & Low Light Photography

    • Metering & White Balance

    • Module 2: Assignment

    • Downloadable PDFS for Module 2

    • Questions about Module 2? Ask me here!

  • 4

    Module 3: Demystifying the Creative Process

    • Module 3 Overview

    • The Creative Process Explained

    • Composition for Portraiture

    • Composition for Landscapes

    • Other Scene Modes

    • The Thought Process behind taking a great photo

    • Module 3: Assignment

    • Downloadable PDFs for Module 3

    • Questions about Module 3? Ask me here!

  • 5

    Module 4: An Introduction to Editing

    • Module 4: Overview

    • Setting up a Workflow

    • Organizing your Photos

    • Basic Photo Editing

    • Preparing your photos for Email, Print & online

    • Bonus Lesson: Importing your Photos into Lightroom

    • Module 4: Assignment

    • Downloadable PDFs for Module 4

    • Questions about Module 4? Ask me here!

  • 6

    Resources Mentioned throughout the course

    • Lenses

    • Tripods

    • Camera Bags

    • Software

    • Read my Guide on How to Choose the Right Camera for You

    • Affiliate Disclosure


5 star rating

yensina williams

Thank you. I did learn a lot. I would like to go back and lissen again an hope it not will delete. Thank you for the help about camera 🎥 tips.

Thank you. I did learn a lot. I would like to go back and lissen again an hope it not will delete. Thank you for the help about camera 🎥 tips.

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